Home cinema

Home theatre seating needs to be comfortable and stylish to compliment your home theatre; after all you are going to be spending hours being entertained and need to be relaxed to enjoy yourself. To create a pleasing environment for your entertainment purposes, STYLICA not only designs and builds custom or pre-designed home theatres but also has the abilities to stylishly design your entertainment area to include elegant home theatre seating, tastefully subdued interiors, accent furnishings and art and sculpture. All this is blended to fit in with your interior decor while still making a bold statement about the power of your home theatre to produce the best visual and audio effects. om STYLICA is a comprehensive page on affordable yet elegantly stylish home theatre seating that is available to designers as well as home theatre enthusiasts.
There are a number of features that have been built into home theatre seating to make your experience as pleasurable and relaxing as possible such as cup holders, glass cuphoder , LED in footrest and console in arms.