LA-Z-BOY made in USA “The World’s best selling Recliner” since 1929 is specially designed for Ultimate relaxation.
It supports every part of your body and has a patented mechanism with 18 reclining angles, 3 position foot rest, independent backrest and the trademark lever.
LA-Z-BOY is perfect for the living room, home theater, bedroom recreational area and even a quite corner at the office. You can sit comfortably in a LA-Z-BOY for many hours while watching your favorite movie or an interesting cricket match.
Even you can sleep, because it replaces your sofa Cum bed. LA-Z-BOY comes in Single Seater (rocking & non-rocking models), Double Seater & Three Seater. It is best for using lap top, reading books and you can enjoy your favourite drinks (in patented tilted position) Lazboy providing you more than 100 color options in different leather.