Combining exclusive Norwegian designs with the best there is in comfort. It’s called Nordic Living.


Nordic Living

Stordal Møbler has developed a unique concept that captures the essence of Nordic life. It is not just about magnificent scenery, with snow-covered peaks reflected in the mirror-like waters of a fjord and the special light with the soft blues of twilight, but about how an exciting environment sets its stamp on our lives. Long, light summer nights are superseded by pitch-dark winter days that starve us of light. Biting cold drains us of warmth, while stormy days frequently drive us indoors. That is why we also have such high standards when it comes to our homes. They have to be inspired by nature’s elements. They have to be beautiful, functional and simple. Furnished for active people who live in harmony with nature that is every bit as rough, harsh and untamed as it is beautiful. That is what makes the Nordic way of life unique. And Stordal Møbler.
Company Overview
Since 1932, Stordal has become synonymous with first class Scandinavian designer furniture, combined with the best there is in comfort. Still owned and run by the Stavseng family and now in its third generation, Stordal is one of the frontrunners amongst Norwegian furniture companies.

Stordal has gradually developed its range from a conventional but highly design-oriented collection of sofas and chairs, into a collection where its famous recliner concept is deeply rooted. And already in 1970, Stordal received its first Designer Award for its recliner model Rectangle.

The Stordal recliner collection has since been named Serenity, which has gained a high reputation in a number of countries in Europe, amongst which is France.

Stordal has since launched its famous DesigNature collection, where a number of fashionable designer chairs that are also offering the ultimate in comfort, are matched with exclusive sofa sets, all in a wide range of colors and leather qualities.

In 2008, Stordal was awarded the prestigious Design Award for the recliner model Gol, by Meuble Paris in France. And in 2011, Stordal was awarded the Design Excellence Award by the Norwegian Design Council, for its recliner model “Nordkapp”.

Basic Info

Founded 1932
Products DesigNature Collection: Designer furniture with functions

Serenity Collection: Recliners and reclining sofa sets

Conventional sofas and chairs
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